The Institute of Business Creativity (IBC) was launched in April 2018 on the campus of the world's leading Swiss hotel management school, Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL), and it is a partner of the EHL Group. Our office is based on the EHL campus in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Our purpose is to build bridges between the business world and academia to produce relevant, highly impactful, practice-based research and solutions. Our team contributes to EHL Group’s objective of providing innovative educational models for stakeholders in various service industries.

The METRO Hospitality Lab is sponsored by METRO AG, which was the first dedicated research project within the Institute. This lab is dedicated to the HoReCa industry (Hotels, Restaurants, Catering) and focuses on the relationship between digitalization of operational training and human interaction.
We are currently examining the Master-Apprentice approach in various markets to determine how and where human interaction, such as mentor coaching or expert training, is combined most effectively with technological solutions.
This lab largely benefits from EHL’s awarded research and faculty in order to develop innovative, leading-edge solutions to transform the industry.

Our Vision and Mission


IBC aspires to be a global leader in practice-based management and organizational research for the creative advancement of the hospitality and service industries.


Our mission is to produce impactful and leading-edge contributions for academia and industry and to build bridges between these two worlds.
It will achieve this by:


Building industry-sponsored research labs that focus on issues, which are of significance to the hospitality and service industries
Embracing the concept of creativity by producing and disseminating knowledge that is both novel and relevant
Leading the development of individual students and academics to advance hospitality and service management scholarship.

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