'Restaurant of the future': New video platform to reinvent and inspire

In 2021, as part of the long-standing partnership with METRO AG., EHL's Institute of Business Creativity (IBC) developed a series of short videos to help reinvent and inspire independent restaurateurs. 'Restaurant of the Future' videos create a platform for independent restaurateurs to share their experiences during and after Covid-19. Experts from various disciplines provide valuable insights and practical advice on how to reinvent the way we manage and operate restaurants.
By Megane Miralles


Business creativity: Truths and myths with Dr Marc Stierand

Dr Marc Stierand, Director of the Institute of Business Creativity (IBC) and Associate Professor at EHL, takes us on a thought-provoking journey around the question of creativity in business. What does business creativity really imply, how does it differ from innovation and how should companies encourage it?
By Marc Stierand


Foodservice Management: Designing Solutions Through Diversified Perspectives (Marc Stierand)

Foodservice is of increasing strategic importance as a differentiator for many hospitality businesses, and as a management subject it is core in all hospitality degrees. A crisis, like COVID-19, however, demands alterations to course content, because the effects of this and similar future crises are expected to have drastic and long-lasting effects.
By Marc Stierand

Experts’ input on the latest touchless technology trends for hotels and restaurants

What are the latest technologies finding their way into hotels and restaurants? Which hospitality tech products do you recommend? How did Covid-19 affect the use of technology in the hospitality industry? Find out answers to these and more questions by reading the Tech Talk interview with Ian Millar.
By Ian Millar

EHL students recreate culinary experiences for global luxury hotel brand

In March 2021, the École hôtelière de Lausanne students had a chance to work on a unique assignment during “Creating the Future of Food Service”, a course designed and delivered by Dr. Marc Stierand, Director of the Institute of Business Creativity (IBC), in collaboration with Rosewood Hotel Group. Rosewood Hotel Group tasked the group of 17 enthusiastic students to re-design a Rosewood’s ‘Sense of Taste’ program with the aim to wow their clients in whichever worldwide Rosewood property they happen to be staying at. The new program will have as its goal to immerse Rosewood guests into the local culture by offering unique gastronomic experiences.
By Marc Stierand

Accor challenges EHL students on the shifting digital landscape in hotels

As a part of the ongoing partnership between the Accor Hospitality Hotel Group and Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne, a challenge was given to the BOSC6 students on the "Hospitality Technology Strategy" elective course. "How can technology help to monetise Accor's hotel spaces, services, data and customers beyond traditional room and F&B distribution?". The primary mission of this assignment was to come up with innovative and plausible ideas for the creation of new tech-driven possibilities within a hotel infrastructure.
By Ian Millar

Data-Based Cleanliness Proof To Reassure Guests In The COVID-19 Era

Cleaning protocols, sanitary standards and hygiene procedures. In the age of COVID-19, these terms have become omnipresent. Most hotel groups have implemented new security and hygiene protocols to reassure guests and make them feel safe. All those standards come with high costs (mostly on the hotel owner's side), while hotel teams work hard to create a safe space for guests and staff. But how effective are those practices and does the guest really feel reassured because of them?
With Ian Millar.

Will Augmented Reality Enhance The Hotel Stay Of The Future?

In the wake of new technology adoption due to COVID we are at the perfect place for adoption of Augmented reality. New guest experiences can be created and new revenue streams become available with this technology.
By Ian Millar.

HFTP Europe Hangout: Technology and Tea

Part of HFTP's Cyber HITEC, this tea time meet-up offers a Euro-focused discussion for tech professionals, as well as items of commercial interest to all hospitality professionals from across the globe.
With Ian Millar.

Is 'data scientist' the next hot position in hotels/hospitality?

Data scientists or “Data whisperers” will be a key part of successful hotels in the future. Data-driven decisions will become the norm and gut feeling and the “we have always done it that way” will disappear. As we are getting better with technology and the acceleration of adoption has happened because of COVID-19, we must start utilizing the data that is available to us both internally and also externally.
By Ian Millar.

The Future of IOT is at the Edge'

'One of the most prevalent trends in almost every industry is the internet of things or otherwise known as IoT. What a few years ago seemed futuristic; it is now becoming a reality. The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the inclusion of connectivity in everyday devices that do not usually count with those capabilities; it allows us to turn appliances "smart" by enabling them to receive, send data and communicate with each other. This will significantly increase the quantity of data available to us as well as levels of automation.'
By Ian Millar.

'Hospitality Education & Innovation with Nicole Rosenkranz & Ian Millar (EHL)'

Podcast on Smack, Episode 7, Season 1. Several topics such as a quick update of EHL’s expansion plans, why it’s not a great idea to take an exam without wearing pants and how teaching hospitality has changed over the past years. Needless to say the occasional story of old times is in there, as well as a discussion about innovation.

'How to reduce OTA Commissions by 20%'

The Hospitality Podcast with Benedict Fornaro, Episode 1, Season 1. Ian Millar discusses how small and medium sized hotels can reduce their OTA expenses. Ian shares his thoughts on future developments of OTAs that won't leave us hoteliers untouched.

'What would happen if Companies like Google or Amazon ran a Hospitality Business?'

Research alerted us years ago that high-touch can have detrimental effects on our culture. How hospitality businesses can be a powerful guardian of culture by promoting the ‘real’ high-touch.
By Marc Stierand (co-author).

'The Future Face of the Hotel Industry'

'Facial recognition is the technological trend of the moment, spreading globally and into the roots of a multitude of industries. This expansion has been driven by a need for increased security and monitoring of public spaces by governments, and its success has undoubtedly highlighted its potential for global businesses. A team of six students at the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne asks: What about in the hotel industry?'.
By Ian Millar.

'Hotel Yearbook: Who dares Wins'

This is of course the motto of the renowned Special Air Service (SAS) – yet when it comes to innovation, nothing could be truer, writes Ian Millar of the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne. Here he argues for the role of a middle man between the industry and tech start-ups, to facilitate the creation of innovative solutions that the industry needs.
By Ian Millar.

'Humans need not apply'

As consumers, we quite happily encounter non-human providers of information and services in a number of everyday situations – such as when we buy airline tickets online, without any human middleman necessary. So why not in hotels, asks Prof. Ian Millar of the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne? In this editorial, Ian foresees the inevitable introduction of certain robotic solutions in hotels… unless laws, trade unions and special interest groups block the way.
By Ian Millar.

'The religion of Technology'

'So what are the implications for our industry, if it is true that the new guests have this dependency on technology? And if we just think about ourselves could you live without your blackberry, Iphone, or android. Research has shown that Techno addiction can become so bad that people wake up several times a night to check their e-mails and text messages'.
By Ian Millar.

'Wait - Stop that Upgrade!'

'Like most hotels and chains, you are probably still using software (PMS and CRS) that was purchased and installed in the mid to late nineties. While the software may be running fine, the software vendor is very likely trying to encourage you to upgrade to their latest and greatest version, containing even more bells and whistles. In fact, you may even be forced to upgrade, as the software vendor will soon cease to support your old system.'
By Ian Millar.